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Two students discussing homework PEER rally in Illinois
Teacher teaching a student Teacher teaching a student

Who We Are

PEER is a national network of organizers, advocates, lawyers and community leaders focused on reinvestment in public education. Our partners work on the ground to advance innovative solutions for equity and education rights.

Children rallying

What’s At Stake

Decades of underfunding public education are depriving students of access to educational opportunities.

For years, leaders have left schools from rural areas to major cities without the resources they need, disproportionately impacting the education of students of color.


less per student in state and local revenues for districts with more BIPOC students than districts with fewer

$23 billion

more spent on majority white schools than majority BIPOC


increase in per student spending leads to higher wages & reduced poverty later in life

What We Believe

Strong public schools are essential to strong communities.

It’s time for lawmakers to stop playing politics with childrens’ futures and fully fund public schools based on students’ needs. Only then can we guarantee every student has an opportunity to thrive.

What We Do

PEER is bringing together advocates, lawyers, organizers and community leaders to build a national movement around investment in public education.

PEER’s network maximizes impact by sharing strategies, grassroots engagement, and policy expertise across the country. Our partners are creating opportunities for community members to take direct action and demand increased school funding.

Teacher guiding two students on homework
A group of students standing in front of a mural
Students hiking

Who We Work With

PEER works in partnership with organizations across the country who are fighting for school funding for our communities.

Our Network
On-the-ground coalitions leading statewide campaigns for change
Our Funders
The funders who support our work and PEER’s vision
Our Partners
Partners with expertise in education equity and movement building

Learn More About PEER

Dive deeper into PEER’s efforts and impact with the additional resources below.

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