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PEER In Action

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Organizer Institute

Officially launching the PEER Organizer Institute in Atlanta

In August 2023, PEER officially launched our Organizer Institute in Atlanta, bringing together organizers from 10 of PEER’s coalition partners. This meeting focused on examining the political landscape, developing strategies to build momentum for voter engagement and education ahead of the 2024 elections, and planning our organizer community of practice agenda for the coming year. PEER is excited to engage with community leaders both within and outside of PEER.

Memphis Convening

Driving a shared vision for fully-funded, safe, and affirming schools

PEER convened in Memphis for conversations that grounded education equity in the civil rights movement. We heard from state coalitions leading campaigns for fully funded, safe, and affirming public schools. Our members also met with state legislators from TN and NE and traveled to Earle, Arkansas to hear from Mayor Jaylen Smith and community leaders about the vision for public schools as cornerstones for rural communities.

Durham Summit

Driving progress through knowledge sharing to address education funding systems in the southern United States

Education advocates united in Durham to discuss the Leandro v. State of North Carolina litigation and its effect on education funding and the power of youth in the fight for equitable public systems. PEER also met with leaders and founders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to discuss how to include voices that have consistently been left out of education conversations.

Leandro Week of Action
Phonte Says Vote
Michigan Education Justice Coalition shares their work building power in communities across the state.
Meeting participants discuss how to better engage youth leaders in their coalitions. This discussion was led by the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition.
Letha Muhammad, co-executive director of the Education Justice Alliance introduces keynote speakers: Phillip Agnew, organizer at Black Men Build, and Charles E. Cobb and Courtland Cox, founders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Detroit Summit

Advocates, lawyers, organizers and community leaders gathering to strategize for our schools.

PEER members from across the US assembled in Detroit to share effective education funding campaign strategies, hear from current US Representatives, and advance their own visions for education equity. Together, we collaborated on how we can better build collective power for our communities.

A Message from the Governor
An Education Carol
Rep. Rashida Tlaib addresses PEER partners and guests about the growing threat to public education and civil rights.
A panel discussion explored how philanthropy and community and labor organizers can partner to build power, expand our base and think more broadly about a shared strategy so we ensure young people win.
Panel speakers: Renee Blahuta, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation; Raquel Donoso, Senior Program Officer for Equity in Education, Yellow Chair Foundation; Terrence Martin, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer, American Federation of Teachers Michigan; Letha Muhammad, Co-Executive Director, Education Justice Alliance; Brionna Nomi, (former) Co-Director, Youth Justice Program, Legal Aid Justice Center.

Our Summit Partners

We are grateful to the support of our partners.

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